Vehicle Setup - Vehicle Blueprint

Adjusting locations and values within the blueprint to your custom vehicle

The steps on this tutorial cover UE4 and UE5, there are slight differences - mostly the ones noted in the Config Asset Adjustments (UE5) page. If there's something that's not lining up, feel free to let us know via Discord.

Open up the BP_Hatchback - you should see the entire vehicle graph. They should be divided up into sections highlighting what each area of the graph is doing.

Firstly we're going to replace all the information the blueprint is using with our new assets. Currently the blueprint will be referencing all of the Sedan's information - we'll be swapping them out with the new Hatchback.

Adjusting the Skeleton & Animation Blueprint

First of all, let's replace the Skeleton and Animation Blueprint. Select the "Mesh (VehicleMesh)" Component

At this point the vehicle should be driveable. You can test out the vehicle in the world scene and you will be able to interact with it and drive it, even with the sedan's doors in place.

The next steps will go through adjusting and replacing the sedan's doors to be in line with the hatchback.

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