Vehicle Setup - DCC Tool

Setting up the Vehicle in your selected DCC
This page will cover how you should set up your vehicle in your Digital Content Creation Tool, in this example I will be using Maya - terms will be generic, and achievable in most programs.
This step is completed for you in our resources section - this page serves as reference for creating your own custom vehicles.
How the vehicle should look in your DCC
Once you've modelled your chosen vehicle - the next step will be to rig it. For FPVIS here's a few things to note for your vehicle rig:
  • Our Rig is different from the standard UE4 vehicle rig - make sure you're using the FPVIS skeleton when creating your vehicle
  • Anything on a hinge should not be rigged; doors, trunks, openable devices etc
  • The steering wheel should also be rigged using our vehicle skeleton
  • Wheels should be rigged to their corresponding joints - the left front wheel to "Wheel_Front_Left"
  • More engine specific notes can be found on the Unreal Engine Wiki, Here.
For the vehicle's doors and moving items, you'll want to place the pivot in a sensible place and export them from a sensible location. The headlights are exported already positioned whereas the rear door is exported at 0,0,0. You can see examples of each asset below.
The side door is exported with the Z-Axis already positioned. This is personal preference - you may find it better to export at 0,0,0 - like the rear door has been. Since the headlights don't move - they are exported in the exact position they'll be used in engine.