Vehicle Setup - DCC Tool

Setting up the Vehicle in your selected DCC

This page will cover how you should set up your vehicle in your Digital Content Creation Tool, in this example I will be using Maya - terms will be generic, and achievable in most programs.

This step is completed for you in our resources section - this page serves as reference for creating your own custom vehicles.

Once you've modelled your chosen vehicle - the next step will be to rig it. For FPVIS here's a few things to note for your vehicle rig:

  • Our Rig is different from the standard UE4 vehicle rig - make sure you're using the FPVIS skeleton when creating your vehicle

  • Anything on a hinge should not be rigged; doors, trunks, openable devices etc

  • The steering wheel should also be rigged using our vehicle skeleton

  • Wheels should be rigged to their corresponding joints - the left front wheel to "Wheel_Front_Left"

  • More engine specific notes can be found on the Unreal Engine Wiki, Here.

For the vehicle's doors and moving items, you'll want to place the pivot in a sensible place and export them from a sensible location. The headlights are exported already positioned whereas the rear door is exported at 0,0,0. You can see examples of each asset below.

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