First Person Character Overview

A brief rundown of the FPS Character

The "FirstPersonCharacter" blueprint is located under:

VehicleVarietyAdv -> Blueprints -> FirstPersonCharacter

The first person character contains:

  • A movement system (Including sprint)

  • A camera zoom

  • Physics object pickup/throw system (with weight check)

  • A line trace for interacting with objects (opening doors, pressing buttons)

  • A line trace for detecting UI elements

  • A minimal UI for immersion

In order for users to become comfortable with how the blueprint works - most actions are not exposed as variables - this is intentional, as you can look around the blueprint and understand how they behave with the rest of the graph. These are outlined below.

Object Pickup System + Interact

The object system works by firing a trace to detect if an asset is simulating physics, checks the asset's weight in KG and then attaches it to the 'Physics Handle' component. The player can drop the object (Interact/E) or throw it (Left Mouse Button).

Players can also interact with non-physics elements and fire an interaction trace. This is designed for buttons, doors and other interactable elements.

The blueprint is designated into commented sections, this should allow you to understand what each section of blueprint is doing.

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