At a Glance

An overview of the three main components of AVIS

First Person Character Controller

The first system of FPVIS is the First Person Character controller, modified from the standard character controller system the FPS Controller is designed to be un-obtuse and intuitive for the player.
We believe that character movement shouldn't be overly complex - players movement is a number one priority so we designed the controller to reflect this.
Movement is designed with player freedom in mind and offer seamless movement throughout scenes - no clunky camera sway, no jarring motion anticipation. You want to move? - The controller does it.


Vehicles are the main element of this pack - designed around the same mindset as the First Person Character - vehicles are built to be intuitively operated and immersive in their behaviour. Worldspace UI elements for opening doors or controlling items like handbrakes and an easily modifiable blueprint system to expand it to your own vehicles.
Vehicles are made for the Chaos Vehicle Plug-in in Unreal 5, and the traditional PhysX system in Unreal 4.
Vehicles will only be supported on Unreal 4 until Unreal 5 becomes more stable and widespread.

Worldspace User Interface

The third and final element of this pack, which brings everything together for the end user is the UI. Once again designed on the same principals as the Character Controller and Vehicles, the UI is designed around immersion. Instead of drawing the player away trying to find the correct hotkeys to press, players are encouraged to use their surroundings to control the vehicle.