Vehicle Setup - Config Asset Adjustments (UE4)

Setting up your config assets for use in the blueprint

Once you've gone through the vehicle setup stage you're finally in a spot where you can start to make your vehicle driveable. This page will go through using a correctly set up rig/physics asset to fit any vehicle to our system.

In order to start editing your new vehicle - head on over to the sedan section in the "VehicleVarietyAdv -> Blueprints -> Sedan" Folder and drag and copy the Sedan into our Hatchback folder.

Copying Files

Now rename the blueprint to BP_Hatchback, we're now ready to copy over the config files for the vehicle.

Make sure to rename each asset to their corresponding new owner.

Animation Blueprint

Naturally these files require adjusting to match the new vehicle. Let's start with ABP_Hatchback - open it up and in the event graph, we're going to change the cast to the sedan to cast to the new Hatchback blueprint we made in the previous steps. This blueprint is controlling wheel turning angle, as well as the steering wheel.

Wheeled Vehicle Component

Now we'll adjust the values of the Vehicle Wheel class named "BP_VW_Hatchback"

Replace the tire config with the new Hatchback one and adjust the values of the wheel dimensions based off your measurements in your DCC. The measurements for this wheel are 31 for the Shape Radius Radius and 19 for the Width.

Everything should now be set up to adjust within the vehicle's blueprint.

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