World Space User Interface

A brief rundown of how the UI elements work

The "BP_UIOverlap" blueprint is located under:

VehicleVarietyAdv -> Blueprints -> FirstPersonCharacter -> Interactables

The UI elements are designed relatively simplistically. The code detects the FirstPersonCharacter's trace, and shows the text if it hits the "UI Detection Box" and turns it off if it is no longer hitting it.

Text is also set up to align itself to the player camera's location. This function only enables itself if the trigger box is hit, in order to save memory.

Because of the reusable nature of this asset, various elements are promoted to variables which you can edit on a per-instance basis. You can adjust:

  • Text

  • Text Size

  • Text Location Offset (default centred)

  • Trigger volume size

  • Debug tickbox to help with positioning.

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