Overview of future content
This page goes over potential future content.
They are not written down in in order of priority, but anything that's bold is on our immediate radar.
Bugfixes/Known Bugs:
  • Vehicles still maintain input after exiting
  • Steering wheel in UE5 is too snappy - requires refactoring
  • Edge cases where exiting vehicle can launch the player at high speed
Vehicle System Plans:
  • Unified material system - less reliance on countless individual texture maps
  • Audio
  • Speed measurement system
  • Unified rig system - One rig to rule them all - less reliance on skinning
  • Swappable Assets - Attachment system for wheels, spoilers, roof racks etc
  • Nanite support
  • New cars
  • Lazycam - reset camera back to default location after a few seconds
UI System Plans:
  • Animated distance based fade in for interactable objects
  • UI Animations for when an object is interactable
  • UI for physics objects
  • Further development of world-space features
  • System input matching
  • Menu system
First Person System Plans:
  • Smoother Movement
  • Better player collision
  • Slide system
  • Better crouch
  • Full body visuals
QoL Support:
  • Expansive controller support